Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Romney/Log Cabin Republicans Row

Your favorite mooney newspaper has a great story on the ads that the Log Cabin Republicans have been running against Mitt Romney. They've been attacking Romney on his right flank as they see him as their biggest enemy. They probably dislike Romney the most given his pro-gay past. This seems to be strong reasoning. In Romneys political past he promised to be more for gay rites than Ted Kennedy. He distributed pink lit. for his Gubernatorial run at Boston's Gay pride parade. If he reached out to the gay community before, why not now? Why is he now acting as if "gay issues" dont exist? Why avoid the issue like the plague?

Because Mitt Romney's a panderer. Hes a Massachussetts flip-flopper. Everything about his personality exhudes fakeness. (The hair, the speech style, the constant upbeat happiness. Ill take grumpy old John McCain any day.) The sad thing about American Politics is that its political suicide for the Republican Party to attempt to Get the votes of homosexuals.

Heres Romney flack Kevin Madden's response:"Rudy Giuliani is the Log Cabin Republicans candidate of choice." Besides the fact that LCR's has not endorsed Giuliani this ad is dirty politics. Romney wants voter to know that there are gay people that support Giuliani. "Hes their candidate, maybe Giuliani himself is gay", Romney would love primary voters to reason.

Why should homosexuals join a party that beats them and their lifestyle over the head for political gain? Maybe I've got it all wrong. Its likely an issue of Republican strategists deciding they just dont need them.


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