Friday, January 30, 2009

RNC Chair Race

The 1st ballot just got over with and Michael Steele came just behind Mike Duncan. Maybe someone more informed than I on the process could tell you more about what this means than I but I suspect it is very good news for Steele. He is surging on intrade

There was a survey of the Young Republican National Committee and they felt that the voting process taking place now is ignoring their concerns. The election of Steele would prove them wrong. (They prefer him) I also suspect they don't buy the criticism that Steele's support for moderate GOP groups is a strike against him.

Remember This Apparently Saul Anuzis is channeling Kevin Madden. He put out an attack on Steele for his support of Log Cabin Republicans. The RNC did a good a good thing by ditching gay-bashing Anuzis.

The GOP is set to pass on Duncan, (status quo) Dawson, (It would be a sign that the Republicans are content with merely holding their Southern base) Blackwell (polarizing and his main draw being his strict Conservatism, meaning the Republicans are not concentrating so much on ideology) and gay-bashing, no solutions Saul Anuzis.

The Republicans I think will install Michael Steele who Conservatives like just fine, is the best communicator and the most charismatic. He ran the best GOP Senate campaign in '06. Steele is the most up to the job. Fair to say their voting for change?


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