Saturday, January 27, 2007

Immigration Amendment

The Democrats
  • sold out
  • and sided with big business over workers.

    Jeff Sessions (who I like) proposed an amendment to the minimum wage hike toughening penalties on employers who hire illegals. The Democrats voted the amendment down, showing depressed wages among the working class is not a concern of theyre's. With the Dems in charge, the fatcats still rule the day.

    Hannity's America

    Sean Hannity has a new show on Fox News called Hannity's America. It is a decent show minus one weekly segment. This is called "Enemy of the State." The graphic for the segment has prominent Hollywood folks along with the leader of Iran, UBL, and Saddam. A few weeks ago, Sean Penn was labeled enemy of the State. This is just a lame, stupid tactic. More telling, Hannity uses the word "State" not even Country, Nation or what have you. Sean's belief that the Democrats hate America and want the Terrorists to win, certainly would affirm the viewpoint that he is infact a Statist who does not like dissent and sees Government's role as being Omnipresent.

    Sean - Drop the shtick.