Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Republic rips The Nation

via The Corner:

"While violence among Palestinian factions wages on in Gaza (from which, as even The Nation concedes, Israel de-occupied nearly two years ago), Israel is of course to blame. The editors contrast stubborn Israelis (most of whom "viscerally, emphatically oppose both the binational and secular democratic models") with the more reasonable Palestinians. Apparently, "The mainstream of the Palestinian liberation movement, for its part, has for three decades supported the two-state solution, and even the Islamist Hamas has indicated that it would acquiesce." The first contention is outright delusion, and the second reconfirms the magazine's long history of being useful idiots for totalitarians. Whether shilling for Fidel Castro or insisting on Alger Hiss's innocence (yes, publisher Victor Navasky is still at it), the oldest journal of opinion in the United States has yet to find an anti-American cause with which it cannot sympathize. "


Friday, June 01, 2007

Allez Sarko

Françoise Fressoz, a political commentator for Les Echos newspaper, wrote that as if by magic the habitually gloomy country had assumed a far more rosy outlook following Mr Sarkozy’s election on May 6. “At all levels of society confidence is back. All that because a new man has entered the Elysée palace and promised his people that everything is possible. The miracle of Sarkomania!”

65% approval ratings, an ally of the US at the United Nations, an infectious optimism... I think I might be right after all.