Tuesday, June 10, 2008

28 to 42

Tomorrow the British House of Commons takes up
the proposal to increase the detention limit from 28 to 42 days.

Tony Blair was defeated a while back on a proposal for 90 days. These long periods of time are an affront to Habeus Corpus. Civil liberties aside, the Government has failed to demonstrate a need to increase detention limits. The trouble is, with an increased limit, Terror recruiters can make suspects into martyrs and play on muslim solidarity to increase their ranks. This proposals mascot should be a condom. It gives you a false sense of security while your actually being screwed.

Good job by the conservatives for opposing this. The tories are following in the tradition of Winston Churchill in standing up for Habeus Corpus. Gordon Brown will undoubtedly demagogue the issue and give a tough guy act to score a couple points. The House should do the right thing and defeat this proposal.

Monday, June 02, 2008

We are all Danish

Today the  Taliban's  bombing of the Danish Embassy shows us why we are fighting a War on radical Islamic extremism.

This is about the Danish Government giving a newspaper the right to press, speech, and expression. If we are going to tell someone they shouldn't express their opinions because of threats, we might as well stop a "war on terrorism" now.

It may seem unnecessary to print a cartoon that is blatantly offensive to Islam. Indeed, we know what the reaction will be. However, we have seen the same types of offensive material to Christianity in media all around the world. Im not about to censor that speech. If we start restricting freedoms, censoring our speech, and allowing fear to control our decisions then the Salafists have gotten what they want. It would be a bigger blow than any destruction of people or property. The free world should show solidarity behind Western values. This is my show of solidarity:

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Positive poll numbers

in Michigan! Obama can't possibly win the election without winning the Wolverine State. Know hope.

McCain hits Obama. Hard.

And now were hearing that Obama is likely to go to Iraq! Not because John McCain shamed him into it or anything. 

This is all followed up by yesterday's announcement that Obama is leaving Trinity. Didn't he say he could  no longer disown Wright than his Grandmother? Not only does he disown Wright but he disowns the Church. This morning Chris Matthews' crew were all confident in an Obama victory. Im all the more cautiously optimistic.